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If it has a cord, screen, or battery, we take it!

Backed by insurance, licensed, and registered with the MN PCA. Full service e-waste collector, strictly adhering to rules of the EPA, with all materials demanufactured and processed right here in Minnesota.  


As use of consumer electronics skyrockets, we’re working to reduce their environmental impact, & leading the way with secure data destruction, a critical concern for businesses and individuals. By refurbishing End of Life equipment to recover usable components, we keep 100% of hazardous materials out of the landfill while stimulating production and the economy.  Electronics Recycling of Minneapolis picks up electronics, accepts drop-offs, provides secure containers for data destruction, and even helps organize events to create a greener community.



Have 5 or More PCs or laptop to Recycle?  Receive free pickup or shipping labels.  (Standard Pickup fee $25- distances greater than 20 miles require are extra)  Recycling fees for printers, & monitors still apply.


Environmentally Friendly Electronics Recycling For a Cleaner Planet



Free up space and safely dispose of unwanted electronic cables, computers, laptops, video game systems and more, with free pickup: designed to simplify the recycling process for residents in Minnesota . Schedule a free pickup today and see how you can contribute to making this world a cleaner place.

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With 3 different levels of data sanitization certification, you can be certain your individual data, and business are protected from breach.  Our processes are backed by $500,000 of liability insurance, and auditable for compliance suiting any structure you have in mind.

Save time by using services that were designed to ease your recycling efforts. Contact us today to find out how we can accommodate.